Palmer Tennis 
With almost 30 years of coaching experience,  I am confident I can help you with your greatest tennis challenges!!!
About me
I have played tennis 16 years. I played junior tennis, I played some professional events. But my love for tennis really started to blossom once I started teaching the game of tennis. I have done a lot of different jobs and business, but tennis has always been my passion, become a part of my life.
—A little about my tennis journey—
I will always remember the moment when I first hit a tennis ball!  It was like magic to me, all of a sudden I fell in love with it, I felt it brought me so much joy and meaning into my life! at that moment I started my exciting tennis journey. As a poor little boy 7 years old. Every day I walked 15miles from my home to Brookside Park where all the good player in town played, I wanted to watch them . 

There was a coach named Paul who taught tennis lessons at Brookside Park in the 70's. I would watch him teach for hours so that I could learn how to play. After months of watching these lessons, I ask the Coach if he would allow me to pick up tennis balls during his lessons in trade for a tennis lesson for me. He said yes!!!   

That was the moment I was Born!!! 
Eventually, I moved on in search of a higher level of coaching. But I never forget who helped me, who gave me a hand, or who gave encouragement to me as a young boy!

—Some of my experience as a tennis teacher and coach—
• As the head tennis coach & Director of tennis at the Palmer Tennis Club & Academy in Pasadena,  I developed many highly ranked juniors, both boys and girls. 

• While working as a private tennis coach I traveled and developed competitive junior players in different parts of the country.

• I have also enjoyed working as a Head Tennis coach for schools like Westridge school for girls in Pasadena Ca, and Harvard-Westlake school in Los Angeles. As well as many other schools over my almost 30 years of teaching tennis.

• As a tennis professional, I love teaching both juniors and adult players.  

—A few of my former players—